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The mission at Managed Artwork is to provide art galleries and visual artists with powerful software tools needed to succeed in the art world.


Managed Artwork was founded in 2001 as the first cloud-based Art Gallery Software and Artist Software. Our service and attention to clients leveraging our software to grow their business is second to none. We are focused on Fine Art industry and are not trying to be the biggest but rather the best in a very specialized, niche.

In 2001, the Artwork Manager™ Gallery Solution Software was launched as the only cloud-based Art Gallery Software on the market. In the coming years, we worked to develop and enhance new tools and designs to offer to clients.

Feedback and interest from our clients for an iPad application was clear, in 2012 the Gallery Assistant® launched. Gallery Assistant® serves as the ultimate sales tool for galleries and artists on the go. In 2013, the Artwork Manager™ Artist Solution Software opened up to the market as a slimmed down version of the Gallery Solution software, providing all the necessary tools for artists at a fraction of the costs. As we continue to grow and develop innovative tools for the art world, we look forward to working with you as your partner in technology.